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. so you think dan quayle versus al gore. you think maybe bush versus obama. you think george clooney versus clint eastwood. their idea of balance. ♪ >> quayle and his supporters story protective arm around the national guard is that the institution itself under attack. it of course is not. he and his apparent mediocrity and hypocrisy are. >> i have chosen a leader of great strength. >> plus a look at some of that footage of the expect field beefcake. >> with sailors strut by the stanza bear chest. >> i think gore and clinton would be all generational change ticket. i suppose they could do cameo appearances or something. they got more positive coverage on this bus tour than the beatles on their first tour of america. more reporters were doing and i was it was almost embarrassing. sorry i didn't get a chance to do it until now. >> the day before his speech, kerry crossed boston harbor with his mates from vietnam, his band of brothers. they have one bottle left. but tonight, the voter will stand alone in his hometown by march time and what to do what john f. kerry has nearly always do
'll lead off with ashley and then move to dan blommenthal. ashley? >> thank you. it's a blessing to be here this morning. thank you for coming. i have the very pleasurable, but challenging task because i have to summarize today the totality of asian responses to the developments described in some detail in the first panel. if i can do that, that's will be some sort of minor miracle and more mir rack -- miraculous because the chapters were not written by me, but three of my collaborators who for various reasons, because they are in not in the united states, could not be with us today. i'll take the best stab i can at trying to summarize how the asian region, particularly the strategic asian quadrants, everything from northeast asia to north asia. the key states along this belt have been responding to the kinds of kate increases that were described at some length and the great clarity in the first panel. the chapters that focus on this in the book constitute literally half the book. because they deal with extraordinary levels of detail and extraordinary levels of nuance, i urge you at some po
better than me -- why didn't they live? why did they die and i was allowed to live? dan bush who was my best friend is dead. why do people who are better men than me dead and gone allowed me to live? i came back with a sickness i didn't even know i had called survivors guilt. we will talk about that in a minute. i will bring you up close and personal with a couple of these people. after i am shot up in the hospital in germany, that is a happy ending, right? i just lost my career. at that point i thought i was going to lose my leg. almost died later of staff infection. going through a divorce. everything i had. lost some good friends. everything i had was pretty much gone that quick just because i had everything concentrated in one direction and i wasn't well-rounded. i was sitting there after this was all done and in that wheelchair suffering survivor's guilt, feeling sorry for myself. all these bad things are going on and i have 99 mm in my lap thinking maybe a bullish is better than what i am going through. think what a sad state of affairs you have to be in. going from rock star that
their live-in to dan -- jordan and syria and the palestinians live in the gaza with a link to egypt. look what happened. hamas has closed opinions about many issues like sharia law, is real, united states, they could walk together to find a way. i do not want to an ex the baidu think they should be connected to jordan and egypt. it cannot happen tomorrow. we will have to wait. two years ago we would have told to the president would be caged in jail in cairo you would think i am in st.. today tell you the long term should be the linkage between the palestinians and jordan and those in the gaza with egypt. things change repast we have to put forward what we think is best. >> i see that as dangerous and there is also a moral issue. thank you will. >> i was in jerusalem 1973 when the war broke out as 71 not send weapons to the middle east because we do not want to encourage the war that has just guarded which sounded noble but at the same time they were sending weapons to the syrians and egyptians. my concern is with the fiery and gets the atomic bomb unquestioned is not that the egyptians wi
's responsibility, the media, democrats to point out from -- all of these functions that are so essential and dan pretty darn well? >> well, i think it is the public's responsibility to get on its hind legs and say whether they want these services are not and perhaps the media could be a little more responsible than playing the false equivalence game. is the world round or flat? you be the judge. the controversy continues. [laughter] >> stair, yes, for a number of years i have watched that fascination of policymakers at both parties have championed the concept of privatization and outsourcing function that used to be considered inherently governmental. the rise of private contractors and a number of rounds ranging from private prisons, education to more recently military and security issues has been put outward with much rhetoric, but not a lot of evidence in terms of cost effect it has, for example. my question is simply, how much reflects a blind faith in the precepts of the marketplace and adam smith and how much is attached to corporations that will benefit them in the future? i've written a
in american public life. at the end of the table is dan mack, director of the aclu's program, freedom of religion and belief. he evades a wide range of religious liberty litigation, advocacy and efforts nationwide. prior to his work, he was a partner in the up says first amendment law. so what i'm going to do is try to keep this kind of a conversation. so i'll just ask a general question in each of you can answer it and respond to each other as well. with so much we want to cover. first, blistery general historical perspective. how does the state of religious freedom, but which i mean the ability of all americans to their faith compare to say 20 or 50 or 100 years ago? where are we today? maybe we could start at the end of the table and were closer to me. >> first, thanks for having us all here. we appreciate this opportunity. i've spoken to many of you many times in the past. as for the historical perspective, first i just want to say one thing about the terms religious freedom. it is often enhanced to describe the right of religious exercise and expression and i think it is a vital
. dan whether that was pro bono. >> scathingly criticized for representing because their parents were very wealthy families in chicago which is part of the reason why such a famous case was that these boys had been given everything this country has to give answers to wasted by this stupid thread killing. so darryl had to accused -- issued a statement because the papers were talking about the million dollar defense. so i agree that we will go by as special board of the local bar association and establish a suitable fee thinking all the while that mildred ever hold it to him and he would still make seven other thousand dollars or ever was because the two families were wealthy and it began to take the case. he went to the families and they said, well, you said that the bar association. he said, what? kellogg. this is what you said you came to my house the middle of the nine biggest of the lives. it would before the bar association and the of the muslim nuys deity had to sweat with his co attorney. any other lawyer would have been happy with the fee. anybody else to back. >> yes. i would
and there's also a moral issue there too, but thank you. >> thank you. >> so my name is terry dan says. i was in jerusalem in 1973 when the war broke out and all the european nations made a good point of saying we're not going to send any weapons to the middle east because we don't want to encourage the war that has just started. that sets up at the same time the russian were sending weapons to the syrians and egyptians. my concern is with the shiites and the sunnis. if iran gets an atomic of, the question is not that the egyptians will say we want the same toy. the point is that the egyptians, the sunnis, the saudi arabians are sunnis and the iranians are shiite. and most likely scenario is the surface in pakistan will send atomic arms to their sunni brothers in saudi arabia and in egypt. and you'll suddenly have -- you will have atomic arms all over. so i am aware of the dangers of israel, attacking iran and stop an atomic on. it seems to me the dangers of letting them get an atomic bomb, followed by the sunnis in saudi arabia and egypt is much greater. >> i agree with you. i would just
and your may go to jail i'll put dan quotes and politics of doing research on the war as a i had visions of my family having to rescue me from jail. one out-of-print book was oned l that i would not tradeea for anything. i neatly fell in love with a country that my parents were not afraid to leave and countrymen that could've been my friends. what i found was well worth any difficulty that i encountered.cg in particular, michael tallento. is much of the received wisdomva concerning the vietnam war. i put forth manytt new argumentn that overturn what we thought we knew about that conflict. although nothing is definitive e wantl all of the collections in hanoi are made available. i would like to spend my remaining time discussing a few of these files with you. first, most vietnam war history books identify g-man and the famous general as the primary leaders during hanoi's war against the united states or in reality, the person that was the architect and main strategist and commander-in-chief of communist war effort is largely unknown. deh, although he ruled from 1959 chtil 1986, he had som
, that is my best friend, dan bush, who died in that helicopter crash. if you look at that invented hollywood, that's real people are there. keep in mind the type of man i had become. i had become so cocky and arrogant that i didn't even associate outside those circles. abusive childhood, never had anything good to hold onto, so finally, i get a team that i consider my family and i make that the center of my world. if that is going to be the center of my world, i'm going to be the best at it that i can be. so that i can go on field team six and then be a sniper, i am the cream of the crop as far as that goes. and i watch people get injured around me. i watched people get shot on either side of me. i never got a scratch. i did it skydive and i never got a scratch. none of that happened me. well, god decided on october 3, 1993, that i was protected by god only as long as he allowed me to be. the first time i got shot was at the hotel -- the olympic hotel when we were taking the prisoners out. i got shot in the left knee. does anyone here know what i thought when the first bullet hit me? >> give
katie thank you. that is your time. next question from -- [applause] our next question comes from dan greene, staff writer for the northwest i will review. your question will go to christie vilsack first. >> for 43 straight months the national unemployment rate has been higher than 8%. i was unemployment rate in august rose the five and a half%. what areas of iowa's economy d.c. ripe for job growth? how do you plan to foster that growth to lower our unemployment and benefit our state? christie well, i talked a little bit about that in my introduction in terms of connection, innovation, and also education. i really see the opportunity to create layers of economic opportunity in the small panels and help recreate the middle-class and i have a plant -- i have seven or eight plans that i have been talking about around the district for the last year-and-a-half. one of them in particular i think i would like to speak to right now is making sure that we create another layer of the economy. we have done a great job and renewable fuel. now we need to create products and small businesses that e
level. the federal government can play an important role. i agree with secretary an key country dan he put forward ideas. some of them i agree with. i congratulate him for it. they can get local and state schools to do a better job. i have happen to believe i want 9 kids getting federal dollarss from ikea or title one, these are disabled kids or poor kids or lower income kids, rather. i want them to be able to go to the school of their choice. all federal funds, stein stead of going to the state or school district i have follow the child and let the parent and the child decide where to send their student. >> moderator: how do you see the federal government's responsibility as i say to improve the quality of public education in this country? obama: as i have indicated i think it has a significant role to play. to our race to the top program we have worked with republican and democratic governors to initiate major reform and they're having ab impact right now. >> moderator: do you think you have a difference with those views and those on governor romney about education? obama: this is wh
here at northwestern college. spent also on a panel tonight, dan breen, no relation, staff writer from the northwest iowa review. that tonight we hope there a question. those from northwestern college students, our readers and viewers will help you make an informed choice on november 6. transport let's start by meeting the candidates for the fourth district congressional seat. steve king is a five term congressman has represented iowa's fifth congressional district since 2002. christie vilsack is a former first lady of iowa who serve as president of the vilsack foundation which partner with the national center for family literacy to promote media literacy with parents and their kids. now that you have a a chance to meet the candidates it's time to hear from them. each candidate will get 90 seconds before the opening statements. before the debate we flipped a coin to see who goes first. and tonight, that honor goes to christie vilsack. vilsack: thank you so much. thanks to ktiv and thanks to northwestern for having us here, and thank you to my husband, tom, for coming. i thank god every
congress move? usage suggests very quickly, but there is an organized issue. >> not necessarily. sorry dan, if you think of this as a two-stage process to detail changes in the tax code, say at the cost-sharing structure or the income related premium structure of medicare, no, i don't think that's going to happen in january. that's where you see the targeting we might have a deadline of june 15 or something like that. for the framework though, you know, think of the bill that is the budget control act worked out in august 2011 when we were approaching the debt limit. that does not go through the normal community crossing. those negotiated by leadership. if there is a firm mark, it will be negotiated and as long as it doesn't get into the details for the tax code and house a targeted down payment. we need weeks to do the details on the entitlement side. you would clearly need the committees. the >> let me also ask if i can -- i don't mean to pick on you, but i want to follow up on sunday announced the decks at the beginning, which is this issue of the have a leadership, which is running for
the point that lloyd denson destroyed dan quayle. it didn't make any difference but he destroyed him. so i don't know but do you guys want to take a swing at that? >> i think there are two presidential debates after that one, so i think it will be more watched by folks like us in politics whereas i think the overall electorate and i'm not downplaying the importance of the vice presidential but charlie is right, it could have -- anything could make a difference. but it would be surprising to me. >> it's like in the olympics when they had the basketball games for the bronze medal. waiting for the gold medal game, this bronze medal game but do you know what? is the only debate next week. it's going to drive some of the coverage. it will either continue the sort of the momentum that romney had after last night or it will be seen as his vice president biden does well it will be seen as this is the first step towards the obama-biden team getting its footing back. i think it's important. i think in the media world we live in now where everything is analyzed, instantaneously, even before it happen
by the debate. live from dan ville, kentucky, at 9:00. after the debate, live reaction from viewers with phone calls and tweets. follow our live coverage on c-span, c-span radio and online at c-span.org. >>> this month as the presidential candidates meet for debate we are asking middle and high school students to send a message to the president as part of the student cam video documentary competition. they will answer the question what is the most important issue the president should consider in 2013. for a change to win the grand prize of $5,000 and the $50,000 in total prizes available. c-span student cam video competition is open to students grade six through twelve. go online to student cam.org. you're watching c-span two with politics -- live coverage of the u.s. senate. on weeknights watch key public policy events and every weekend the latest non-fiction authors and books on booktv. you can see past programs and get the schedule at the website. and you can join in the conversation social media sites. >>> syrian opposition activist today predicted that the assad regime will fall by next s
. and jeanette rai from nevada. our national sergeant at arms from indiana. our national adjutant dan wheeler. after national treasure. please stand and be recognized. thank you. [applause] >> i would like to take a moment to acknowledge some special men in the audience who fully comprehend what i'm just beginning to understand what it means to sacrifice a year of your life to be the face of this great organization. pass national commanders of the american legion. gentlemen, we please stand and be recognized. [applause] next i was to introduce leadership and american legion auxiliary, the nation's largest patriotic women's organization. please stand as i call your name and be recognized. national president peggy thomas from virginia. national vice president nancy brown park from california. national secretary mary buckler from indiana. [applause] we also have several pass national president joining us today. i would like for them to stand and be recognized. with us it is a national commander of the sons of the american legion from the department of pennsylvania. chris, please stand and be rec
in california and america and across the globe. and i can think of no more perfect partner dan usc whose reach is global and whose vision and ideals are huge. while arnold fink to the provost i want to also thank them. for the past month since i moved into my usc offices the campus has become my home away from home. when you are on the outside of usc you hear about how they left the best universities in the world. when we become a part of their community, you understand why. but some of the best and brightest students from california and all regions of the world, usc creates a culture that reflect their believe that for the students come for the nation and the world the possibilities are limitless. to fulfil this promise to usc students, the smartest most committed professors, researchers and scholars comprised of faculty and staff and are already engaged in the supporting the work of the institute. i also want to thank mike and beth for asking the policy of the would provide a home for the institute. another brilliant and perfect decision. they're perfectly aligned with the grand vision of ar
has a margin in the house i don't think that he can hold off the republicans against dan obama version of the deal. the believes are stronger than the used to be. i think that we have more leverage over members in the campaign finance issues and other things but i think obama going to the lamar alexander in the senate and there are some equivalence in the house, even if the democrats don't control both houses of congress he would have some leverage to go round the leadership and i suspect he wouldn't mind. he would feel that he is obliged to deal with him in 2013 if romney has lost but people see bipartisanship when it's a leadership negotiation and the other is picking off against the wishes of leadership but the premise on both of those is the rest of the personal relationship before that can occur and the investor pointed out a governor mitt romney will have those talents. i think now that the president obama knows that he has them he is just going to have to demonstrate them more and be more engaged. so the reality is this. the future weeks away from the real work story and i think
new hampshire and janet of nevada. the national sergeant arms from indiana. the national dan wheeler and the national treasure george whisker. please, stand and be recognized. thank you. [applause] i would like to take a moment to give special meaning in the audience who fully comprehend what i am just beginning to understand, what it means to sacrifice the year of your life to be the face of this great organization. past national commanders in the region. would you please stand and be recognized? [applause] next divestitures the leadership of the american legion oxalate. the nation's largest patriotic women's realization. please stand as i call your name and the demise. in national president peggy thomas from virginia. national vice president nancy brown park from california. the national secretary mary buckler from indiana. [applause] we also have several past national president of the oxalate joining us today. i would like for them to stand and be recognized. with us today is the national commander of the american legion. chris from the department of pennsylvania. chris, please st
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)